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The Planet, Winter 2003, The Bush Administration: An Environmental Audit



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Winter 2003


Western Washington University. Associated Students. Environmental Center; Huxley College of the Environment; Huxley College of Environmental Studies

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Koch, Kate


Western Washington University


Bellingham, WA

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Kulla, Katie


Brennan, Scott R.

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Table of Contents

W by Melanie Rasmussen

During his time as governor of Texas, President George W. Bush learned much about creating and implementing environmental policy. But, environmentalists are concerned that he might have learned the wrong things.

MPG by Carly Wyatt

SUV sales are on the rise across the nation — to the worry of environmentalists. Fuel economy standards should improve fuel-ineffeciencies but some of the worst polluters are exempt from the standards.

Local Ripples by Leah Hadfield

Whatcom County’s economy relies heavily on its two oil refineries, BP Cherry Point and ConocoPhillips. But, as technology changes the future of oil refining is uncertain.

Economic Meltdown by Jessica Stahl

Skiers have had a disappointing year across the state and scientists warn that there might be more disappointments to come if global warming continues at its present rate. But, with Bush backing out of the Kyoto Protocol, the United States remains a part of the problem.

Hazy Outlook by Zeb Wainwright

The Bush administration’s changes to the Clean Air Act could worsen the nation’s air quality. Under the plan, power plants would face fewer regulations requiring them to reduce pollution.

On the Block by Justin McCaughan

The 2003 Bush administration budget doesn’t include funding for the Office of Environmental Education — a department created by Bush’s father, George H.W. Bush. Environmental educators feel removing these programs is a big mistake.

Last Stand by Tyson Lin

Endangered species are at risk from a Bush administration plan and less stringent environmental regulations could destroy salmon habitat.

Dried Up by Alex Brun

Whatcom County’s Clearwater Creek boasts some of the Northwest’s most challenging rapids drawing whitewater kayakers from across the region. But, a proposed dam on the creek could threaten this awesome stretch of fast-moving water.

Deep Problem by Kirsten Carlson

The Whatcom County Council approved an ordinance that reduced the allowable amount of arsenic in drinking water four years before the federal rule required it. Some wonder if the council’s early decision is worth the expense to builders.

Trails Turned Roads by Leanne Josephson

The Bush administration has revived an old statute that makes it easier to turn old trails and right-of-ways into roads, increasing access to some wild-places and possibly harming others.

Paying for the Past by Laurel Eddy

The Oeser Cedar Co. site in northwest Bellingham is Whatcom County’s only active Superfund site. Residents of the nearby Birchwood neighborhood believe the site is to blame for many of their illnesses, but they are having trouble proving it.

Blackout by Torhil Dunham

Since 1966, Americans have relied on the Freedom of Information Act to access government documents. Since the Bush administration took office, however, FOIA requests are being returned slower, heavily censored and incomplete.

The Price of Security by Alison Bickerstaff

With the threat of war looming over the United States, the military must test their weapons to prepare and the environment takes a back seat to national security.

Green Elephants by Margo Horner

The word “Republican” wasn’t always synonymous with “anti-environmental” but recent shifts in the party’s views on the environment have some green Republicans concerned.

The Last Word by Kate Koch

Fewer people are choosing the President of the United States. If more Americans don’t stand up and use their vote on the environment, the future of the nation’s precious resources and majestic wild places could be in jeopardy.




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The Planet, 2003, Winter

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