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The Planet, Fall 2006, Is Hood Canal Dying?



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Fall 2006


Western Washington University. Associated Students. Environmental Center; Huxley College of the Environment; Huxley College of Environmental Studies

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Query, Shawn C.


Western Washington University


Bellingham, WA

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Managing Editor: Kendall C. Farley; Associate Editor: Codi Hamblin; Science Editor: J. Henry Valz; Web Editor: Joe Shoop; Designers: Kanako Black, Matt Harvey; Photographers: Caleb Breakey, Joel Kresse, Carla Mingione, Beckie Rosillo; Reporters: Meghan Arbuckle, Andrew Bernhardt, Lindsay Budzier, Page Buono, Chelsea Davis, Davide De Masi, Ashley Gundermann, Andrew Lawrence, David Rajkind, Elisa Weiss

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Than, Peter


Dietrich, William

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Table of Contents

Campus Road Block by Meghan Arbuckle

The Western daytime shuttle has been cancelled and bus pass prices are nearly twice as high as last year. Is Western doing enough to provide students convenient and sustainable transportation options for commuting to campus?

On The Waterfront: A New Opportunity for Bellingham’s Downtown by Andrew Lawrence

After purchasing the former Georgia-Pacific site located on the shore of Bellingham Bay, the Port of Bellingham is deciding what to make of the former pulp mill.

The Downside of the Upgrade: When Upgrading Your Computer Means Downgrading the Environment by Ashley Gundermann

Buying a new monitor or keyboard is sometimes necessary to keep up with the fast-paced world of electronic technology. But the chemical waste from these old parts doesn’t just disappear.

Green Living

Package waste fills trash cans throughout the United States and makes up approximately one-third of all trash in landfills. Learn how to consume in ways that are less wasteful and easier on the wallet.

Little Mollusk, Big Problem by Lindsay Budzier

One of Puget Sound’s most unique and historically significant marine species is dying out. The pinto abalone is a charismatic animal, and researchers and scientists are finding new, inventive ways to protect it.

Bellingham Goes Green by Page Buono

Taking cues from the community and Western’s commitment to green power, the Bellingham City Council approved a motion to make the city’s municipal operations run on 100 percent renewable energy.

Diving into the Dead Zone by Elisa Weiss

Washington’s beautiful Hood Canal is in ecological pandemonium. The depletion of dissolved oxygen in the water is causing organisms to suffocate and die at alarming rates.

Organic Incorporated by Davide De Masi

The organic food industry has seen unprecedented growth in the last few years. Can the industry feed its growing customer base while maintaining the integrity that made it so popular ?

Swapping Green for Green by Chelsea Davis

Whatcom County will soon become home to another public park thanks to a land exchange between a local environmental group and a notorious development corporation.

Popping the Top on Aluminum by David Rafkind

Every day, Americans crack open beer and soda cans, but few are aware the production of aluminum causes harmful greenhouse gas emissions and consumes enough electricity per year to power Western for 39 years.

Activists Down Under by Andrew Bernhardt

Western senior Andrew Bernhardt ventured to Melbourne, Australia to study abroad and found himself in the middle of an effort to save an old-growth forest.

Forestry: A Conservation Compromise by Page Buono

One of the largest landowners and logging companies in California just built its second Washington saw mill in Burlington. The company plans to harvest 127,000 acres of Skagit and Whatcom forests, but is receiving little flack from local environmental agencies hoping to find a compromise.




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The Planet, 2006, Fall

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