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The Planet, Fall 2007



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Fall 2007


Western Washington University. Associated Students. Environmental Center; Huxley College of the Environment; Huxley College of Environmental Studies

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Buono, Page A.


Western Washington University


Bellingham, WA

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Managing Editor: Devon D. Fredericksen; Associate Editors: Samuel T. McNeil, Emily L. McMahon; Science Editor: Sylvia Graham, Blair Paul; Assistant Editor: Yuki Nakajima; Designer: Caitlin Weber; Photographers: Damon Call, Bobbi Crowell, Jane Gershovich, Kevin McMillon, Elizabeth Olwin, Jenny Lara; Reporters: Emily Linroth, Jenny Lara, Peter Pearsall, Abby Vincent, Andrew Spanjer, Michelle Rybolt, Jennifer Schroder, Erin Miller, Nancy Bruce, Kim Nachreiner

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Linder, Todd


Dietrich, William

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Who’s Protecting the Big Bad Wolf?

In the eastern one-third of Washington there is no resident population of gray wolves, yet they will be removed from the endangered list and lose their current protection.

Steller Sea Lions

Over the past three decades the Steller sea lion population has mysteriously declined over 85 percent, forcing them onto the endangered species list. The population is making a come-back, but the deaths remain a mystery and cause concern for future declines.

Ballast-Borne Blight

Puget Sound’s ports are inundated daily with ballast water from shipping vessels. Ballast water, taken on by ships for stability in the open ocean and discharged at ports, can introduce potentially harmful invasive species to local ecosystems.

Wind Energy Blows Down Barriers

Clean, cost effective, inexhaustible and easily available, wind power is one answer to meeting our nation’s energy demands. Despite positive environmental benefits, wind energy faces storms of controversy from wind farm’s neighbors and avian activists.

Liquid Gender Bender

A new cocktail of contaminants is flooding our water supply and altering the gender offish. Hormones and antibiotics have a drastic effect on aquatic life and are in our drinking water.

Green Living

Simple solutions for dirty homes. Harsh chemicals cleaners can be harmful to your health and the environment. Check out our green living page for recipes to make your own safe household cleaners.

Bagging a Plastic Issue

For years grocery shoppers have been overwhelmed with plastic shopping bags in their homes and with their destruction of the environment. A new trend, the reusable bag, cuts down on plastic bag consumption.

Compromising Consent

Environmentalists are going to court to stop logging on Blanchard Mountain. This development occurred after the Blanchard Strategies Group decided on a compromise to log two-thirds of the mountain.

Dry Ice

Scientists predict Glacier National Park will lose all of its glaciers by the year 2030. Reporter Andrew Spanjer had the opportunity to spend the summer with some of these quickly disappearing glaciers.

Deep Sea Cacophony

Marine mammals must live in an ocean that is increasingly bombarded with noise. The sources of these noises are numerous, but one of the most contested is the noise from Navy sonar.




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The Planet, 2007, Fall

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