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The Planet, Winter 2009, Green Technology



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Winter 2009


Western Washington University. Associated Students. Environmental Center; Huxley College of the Environment; Huxley College of Environmental Studies

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Linroth, Emily A.


Western Washington University


Bellingham, WA

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Managing Editor: Natasha T. R. Walker; Associate Editors: Jesse Amorratanasuchad, Brett A. Williams; Science Editor: Clay L. Bailes; Lead Designer: Ryan Scott; Designer: Amy Diehl; Web Designer: Ryan Scott; Photographers: Mason Watt, Jane Gershovich, Paul Israel, Tristen Biando, Katie Greene; Reporters: Alexis Tahiri, Kwihwa Lee, Sakeus Bankson, Kaylin Bettinger, Alexander Kelly, Mara Mitchell, Heather Brogan, Anne Maertens, Harte Onewein

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Linder, Elizabeth


Dietrich, William

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Table of Contents

The Straight Flush

Toilets consume more water than any other appliance in the average home, but three new designs could significantly lower this amount, saving you money and the earth a precious resource.

Rough Scales Make Smooth Sails

Sharks spring to mind as deadly predators, but scientists are learning from these ocean dwellers' adaptations. A texture based on sharkskin is being developed as a green alternative to toxic paints to keep marine organisms from attaching to boat hulls - and the applications don't stop there.


The mission: building a bamboo bicycle using only local and sustainable parts, with no power tools, for less than $200.

Cutting the Cord: Living off the Grid

Some people in Whatcom County choose to live off the power grid, even though it may mean going without things most of us take for granted.

A Saline Solution

For many Lopez Islanders, the glass is half empty. As their freshwater supply wanes, some coastal residents have found an answer in desalination technology.

A Seed in Hand Techniques for Food Security

As genetic uniformity threatens America's food supply, small farmers sustain unique seeds with something everyone can use: two hands.

Dry Cleaners Come Clean

For decades, the dry cleaning industry has relied on a solvent that is both a carcinogen and an environmental pollutant. But an increasing number of businesses are responding to this concern, and implementing new chemicals and safer practices to reduce the impact of professional clothes laundering.

Hay is for Horses, Straw is for Houses

If you're thinking about building green, start by using straw bales for your walls. This non-traditional construction method results in a typical-looking but eco-friendly structure that can outlast even the rainiest Washington weather.

Clearing the Skies

Have you ever considered the environmental Impacts of air travel? Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is attempting to make flying less harmful to the environment by reducing emissions with several new technologies.




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Washington (State)


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The Planet, 2009, Winter

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