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The Planet, Spring 2012, Silent



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Spring 2012


Western Washington University. Associated Students; Huxley College of the Environment; Huxley College of Environmental Studies

Editor in Chief

Becky Tachihara

Photography Editor

Crista Dougherty


Dr. Rebekah Green


Western Washington University

Associate Editors, Production Assistants, and Writers

Editors: Marta Helpenstell, Alex Bacon, Mary Shoup; Assisting Editors: Brenna Greely, James Rogers; Science Editor: Tanner Humphries; Multimedia Editor: Taylor Russell; Designers: Susan Good (Lead), Sarah Morris; Web Designer: Matt Mehi; Photographers: Lauren Owens, Jasper Gibson, Ian Couch, Ryan Hasert, Tait Trautman; Writers: Callie Schmidt, Sarah Byers, Lacey Larsen, Ariana Lopez, Erin Halsne, Kelly Sullivan, James Rogers, Skylar Hinkley, Ian Stark, Amy Holm, Stephanie Robinson

Table of Contents

DDT Abroad

After DDT was banned from the United States, it remained an important weapon in the global fight against malaria.

King Rats

Misuse of pesticides has caused pests, like the rat, to evolve.

The Ills of Importation

Buying produce imported from Mexico may have unexpected implications.

Dirty Dozen

Chemical Necessity

The Air Tax

Beyond Silent Spring

Stale Air

Sick Salmon

The Hot Seat

On the Edge of Invasion


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Human ecology – Washington (State)—Periodicals; Ecology—Washington (State) – Periodicals; Western Washington University--Students--Periodicals and Huxley College of the Environment -- Students --Periodicals.

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Western Washington University; Huxley College of the Environment.

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Washington (State)


Environmental Sciences | Higher Education | Journalism Studies


Huxley College of the Environment, Western Washington University, Student publication, Ecology, Environmental Studies


Bellingham, WA


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The Planet, 2012, Spring


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