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Winter 2008


Western Washington University. Associated Students. Environmental Center; Huxley College of the Environment; Huxley College of Environmental Studies

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Buono, Page A.


Western Washington University


Bellingham, WA

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Table of Contents

Intimate Danger

An in-depth look at the health dangers of toxins, such as phthalates, in sex toys.

Law and the Natural Order

Despite growing up in a family of insurance defense lawyers and a degree from Harvard Law School, David Bricklin sacrificed making lots of money to become an environmental lawyer.

Invisible Industry

Tiny technology is revolutionizing the industrial world. But nanotechnology’s behavior in both the human body and the environment is cause for concern.

Feel the Sting

Honeybees are rapidly disappearing and scientists are unable to pinpoint a cause. Farmers and beekeepers fear the loss of one of agriculture’s most valued tools.

Sustainable Sizzle

Fiamma Burger, Bellingham’s new sustainable restaurant, serves America’s favorite fast food with natural beef, clean energy, and 90 percent compostable and recyclable waste.

Green Burials

Modern funerals are costly affairs for both consumers and the environment. Embalmed remains and hardwood coffins inhibit decay and tack on thousands of dollars to burial expenses—leading many to seek a greener way to go.

Outback in Business

The Outback Outdoor Fxperiential Learning Site has historically been ignored or unknown by most. Student gardeners hope it grows into a welcoming and accessible place for everyone.

Shroom Vacuum

The new leaders in environmental cleanup are some of nature’s oldest recyclers. Mushrooms emerge from the shadows, turning toxins into harmless compounds.

Green Collar Restoration

Washington Conservation Corps works to restore Bellingham’s natural resources.

Tainting Traditions

Marine contaminants are infiltrating Washington’s shellfish and placing coastal Native Americans’ health in jeopardy. The consequences are steep, but the loss of the harvesting tradition may be greater.

Raising Cane Against Carbon

Bamboo may now rise to it’s full potential. A new cloning strategy makes this carbon-reducing resource more available.




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The Planet, 2008, Winter

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