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The Planet, Winter 2019, The Climate Change Issue



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Winter 2019


Western Washington University. Associated Students. Environmental Center; Huxley College of the Environment; Huxley College of Environmental Studies

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Stout, Emily


Western Washington University


Bellingham, WA

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Managing Editor: Isa Kaufman-Geballe; Editors: Emily McLaughlin, Emily Dietzel, Hannah Prather; Photo Editors: Ilana Newman, Hannah Gabrielson; Multimedia Editor: Maks Moses; Science Editor: Joshua Diaz; Designers: Andy Lai, Finn Plager, Nick Pinkham; Writers: Allison Greener, Chris Johansen, Logan Moldenhauer, Noah Matijascic, Schuyler Shelloner, Daphne Condon, Olivia Klein, Bram Briskorn; Photographers: Montanna Binder, Mike Hitchner, Riley Marcus, Jacob Carver; Videographer: Megan Sokol, Alex Meacham, Ian Ferguson, Galen Gemperline

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Newman, Ilana; Gabrielson, Hannah


Cornwall, Warren

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Table of Contents

Busy Beavers

Beavers in Washington state are being relocated to areas where they will make a positive impact on ecosystems.

Moving Up

The Quileute Tribal School in La Push, Washington has been battered by coastal storms since it’s construction. After efforts from the tribe, it is being moved to higher ground.

When the Price isn’t Right

In the 2018 midterm election, Initiative 1631 became the second carbon tax to be voted down in Washington state. Now, supporters and experts are trying to figure out why voters didn’t check ‘Yes.’

A Northern Model

British Columbia’s carbon tax is often looked at as a model for the rest of the world's climate policy. Now that it’s 11 years old and costs are rising, residents have mixed feelings.

The Boom

In 2017, the flooding of a stream left hikers trapped on Mount Baker’s Heliotrope Ridge Trail. As temperatures in the region continue to rise, rescuers and researchers think events like this could become more common and severe.

Storm on the Bay

The Bay Breeze Restaurant in Birch Bay, Washington was pummeled in December 2018 when a storm hit the coast. That wasn’t the first storm to affect the area and with sea levels rising, they may only get more powerful.

Climate in the Capitol

Newly elected (D-42) House Rep. Sharon Shewmake, narrowly defeated her republican opponent in the 2018 midterm elections. Now she is fighting for climate policy in Washington state’s capitol.

Measuring the Melt

Scott Pattee, a researcher at the Natural Resources Conservation Service, travels to different data sites around Washington, to find out how melting snow pack will affect water supplies in the spring season. With climate change threatening snowfall every year, the water it provides is also being affected.

Green University

Students for Renewable Energy, a student-led club at Western Washington University, has been pressuring their school to pull investments out of fossil-fuel companies since 2014. Five years later, finally they are making progress.

Carbon Sponge

John Rybczyk, an environmental studies professor at Western Washington University, studies how coastal wetlands soak up carbon. Realizing how vital these environments are, nonprofits in Washington have begun restoring them.




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Western Washington University; Huxley College of the Environment.


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The Planet, 2019, Winter

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