The Hoover Prize

Professor Kenneth R. Hoover was a member of Western Washington University’s Political Science faculty and served as chair of the Department from 1988 to 1995. 

Throughout his tenure, Professor Hoover was committed to developing the critical thinking, writing, and research abilities of his students recognizing the importance of these foundational skills for their future success.  His course, PLSC 101 Government and Politics in the Modern World, was a great example of how he fostered these skills and was featured in the 1999-2000 Innovative Teaching Showcase.

In 2004 Professor Hoover received the Olscamp Research and Outstanding Scholarship Award.  He donated half of the prize to establish a student award for academic excellence in research and writing.  Today, the Hoover Prize is awarded annually to the undergraduate student who gives the most outstanding research paper at the annual Political Science Association conference.  Papers are nominated by panel discussants and considered by a committee appointed by the Department Chair. 

The Hoover Prize is the department’s most prestigious award for undergraduate scholarly research.




International Laws and Norms Regarding Refugees: A Case Study of the Palestinian Refugee Crisis, Michael Staight



African Immigrants in South Africa, Ruta Nanivadekar


The Politics of Misconduct: How the Social Sciences Improve Our Understanding, Andrew Intveld



Is Democracy Promotion a Cure for Ending Terrorism?, Zachary R. Snyder