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In their chapter, Oetting and Webb set out two fundamental and somewhat ambitious objectives: (1) to assess and describe the psychosocial correlates of inhalant use and (2) to recommend a long-term series of highly focused research projects. In this comprehensive chapter, two basic themes subsume the actual thrust of his work. Specifically, Oetting and Webb emphasize the science of inhalant abuse research and, to a lesser extent, tantalize the reader with their emphasis on the role that culture and ethnicity play in the research. The isolation of these two salient themes stimulated me to focus my comments on selected psychosocial issues and the ethnomethodological1 flavor of their writing.

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This chapter is in the government document: Inhalant Abuse: A Volatile Research Agenda, edited by Charles Wm. Sharp, Ph.D., Fred Beauvais, Ph.D., Richard Spence, Ph.D.

NIDA Research Monograph 129 1992