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This paper explores the question of: Why is nature so inspiring? Ultimately the answer is that we are connected to and a part of a greater system. It is through nurturing this relationship with the Earth that we can be inspired. Our western culture has created a dichotomy between human and nature. As problematic as this is, our humanity is reflected back at us and can be a source of inspiration. Our desire to explore the unknown comes from our humanity. When faced with nature we can be taken into a state of awe where preconceived mental frameworks need to be adjusted, thus making an entry point for inspiration. Our sense of wonder and curiosity about the world is relative to scientific endeavors and helps facilitate inspiration. Nature in its purest form serves as a great source of inspiration for the arts. Some songs, masterpieces, and poems are direct reflections on nature. When we see something amazing in nature, it can inspire designers to express their creativity. Artistic endeavors make a great platform to expresses the relationship between the planet and ourselves.


personal narratives

Subjects - Topical (LCSH)

Nature--observation; Inspiration; Humanity; Awe; Creative ability









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