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Today I’ll be talking about identity and a sense of home. Before I start, let me briefly tell you a bit about myself. I am 1⁄4 Irish, 1⁄4 Italian, 1⁄4 German and 1⁄4 English. I don’t know where my Irish, German or English relatives originated, but my Italian side of the family comes from Bergamo, Italy; I still have family there to this day. I was born in Weymouth Massachusetts, a suburb just south of Boston. I was raised and educated in Weymouth until high school, when I opted to go to a private school a few towns over. At that point I moved to Cohasset, MA to live with my dad. I currently live in Bellingham Washington. That is the place where I pay my taxes, have my truck registered and receive mail. The place that goes deepest inside of me and where I try to spend the most time is split between the ocean and the alpine reaches of mountains. For me, home is anywhere that I have good friends and family, where I feel a part of the culture and where ocean meets mountain.







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