Volume 2 (2017) Cohort 14

Cohort 14!

Welcome to the second issue of Huxley College's graduate journal, Summit to Salish Sea: Inquiries and Essays which includes the capstone presentations (or paper submissions) of Cohort 14! of the M.Ed. Graduate Students who live for one year within the North Cascades National Park at the North Cascades Institute. This year's collection of students' capstones represents an introspective orientation to teaching with and about the environment. These include explorations into the power of "sensitive teachers" to processes of "othering" through our everyday language. Creativity abounds for this cohort, engaging the audience in play, storytelling, and even aerial silks. Pay attention to discussions of environmental justice as they relate to environmental education, embodied learning, introversion and EE, ecological identity, multicultural education, full value contracts, other-than-human teachers, and Christianity and EE. The power and value of student work is exemplified by their passion and attention to advocacy.




Embodied Inner-Knowing
Chelsea E. Ernst


Awakening to Place
Lauren Ridder


Nicholas Stanger, PhD, WWU
Assistant Editors
Gene Myers, PhD, WWU
Joshua Porter, M.S., NCI
Katherine Renz, M.Ed., Phyte Club