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Awakening to Place


environmental education, other-than-human teachers, natural history education

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I had such a rich, transformative experience in the North Cascades because I was awakening to the teachers all around me and intentionally tuning into the lessons that they had to give. I would like to share my process of awakening with you and provide a space for reflection on your other-than-human teachers. I encourage you to carry those lessons with you and take note of how your teachers influence your life on multiple scales. Awakening to my other-than-human teachers enriched my life. Reminders to be flexible, yet strong and to laugh and be silly shifted my perspective on the world. I feel a deep connection to the North Cascades because this place held space for me to process all of these lessons. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience the world in a deep and rich way. I strive to be the kind of teacher that holds this space for others, and allows them to awaken to their own reminders of healing, strength, flexibility, self-awareness, laughter, and empowerment that connect us to place and to each other.







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