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This is the transcript of a fictional weekly podcast called Inextricably, performed in front of a live audience at North Cascades Institute’s Environmental Learning Center in North Cascades National Park in March 2017. The author outlines and examines the personal themes and seasonal cycles throughout an entire graduate school residency, a Master’s of Education in Environmental Education offered in partnership with North Cascades Institute and Western Washington University. A search for the purpose in the way information and knowledge is transferred, a sense of disillusionment with traditional models of education, and the unexpected learning outcomes of this experience are the basis of Season 1, Episode 1: “Now What?”

“Each week on Inextricably, we feature stories about events and experiences in our lives that serve as a catalyst, a tipping point, or a kick in the teeth; that send our lives in a direction we hadn’t anticipated. Experiences, relationships, traumas that are impossible to disentangle from who we have become. Each episode we welcome a new guest to the show to talk about those things we are inextricably linked to. Things we sometimes wish we weren’t. Today’s program in 11 short acts feature’s yours truly, and the graduate school experience I had, and almost didn’t have. Join me, won’t you?”


personal narratives

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Environmental education; Identity; Podcasts; Transformative learning; Outdoor education; Storytelling


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North Cascades Institute; Western Washington University

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North Cascades National Park (Wash.)









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