Volume 5 (2020) Cohort 17


Welcome to the fifth volume of Huxley College's graduate journal, Summit to Salish Sea: Inquiries and Essays which includes the capstone presentations (or paper submissions) of Cohort 17 of the M.Ed. Graduate Students who lived for one year within the North Cascades National Park at the North Cascades Institute.

Cohort 17 was a loved group of students. Their energy, thoughtfulness, and curiosity come through in their papers in this volume. This volume brings you on a journey through culinary social justice and self-publication of magazines, to queering environmental education

Students presented these projects as capstones during their final week of their Masters (March 2019).




Cover of C17 showing a mountain view
Nicholas Stanger, PhD, WWU
Communications Director
Ali Burdick, MEd
Assistant Editors
Gene Myers, PhD, WWU
Joshua Porter, MS
Joy Beauchamp, MA
Ali Burdick, MEd
David Rossiter, PhD
Sarah Olson, MEd
Gavin Willis, MEd
Joe Loviska, MEd