Scholars Week is an annual celebration of undergraduate research and creative activities at WWU, was created by a unanimous resolution of the Faculty Senate in November 1999. What was originally envisioned as "Scholars Day" quickly became Scholars Week in order to accommodate a diverse series of events highlighting the scholarship and creativity of Western undergraduate students.

Generously supported by Western's President, Provost, The Western Foundation and many of the Colleges, Scholars Week has grown from the inaugural celebration in May 2000 that involved 100 students in 11 events to the very successful Scholars Week 2007 which involved more than 250 undergraduate students participating in over 50 different sessions from virtually every academic area of the university. Scholars Week 2005 marked the first "University Scholars Poster Session and Reception" which had participants from 13 departments and programs. The "University Scholars Poster Session and Reception" has grown and become more popular in the last few years.

From art to engineering technology, students and faculty are working closely together at WWU to explore the boundaries of knowledge. Scholars Week has become a highlight of the academic year, celebrating the contributions of undergraduate.students to enriching the intellectual environment of Western, and society in general.

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