Session Title

Session Desciption: Species and Food Webs

Session Description

Session Title: Species and habitats of emerging concern

Session Chair: Henry Carson, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife,

Session Description:

In this Salish Sea potpourri, we sampled the tremendously broad scope of research taking place in the region. It was a whirlwind tour of understudied habitats, such as glass sponge reefs, understudied species, such as rare cetaceans, and threatened animals, such as pinto abalone and sea stars. The journey ranged from the shoreline, with intertidal fish passage concerns, to its murky depths, inside the giant pacific octopus den.

Speaker Order:

1. Padraic Smith, WDFW, paper #533 fish passage

2. Erin Ashe, Oceans Initiative, paper #632 data-gap trap

3. Amalis Riera, U. Victoria, paper #167 acoustics of glass sponge reefs

4. Miranda Winningham, Cornell, paper #380 sea star wasting

5. Eliza Heery, U. Singapore, paper #344 giant pacific octopus


Understudied habitats, threatened animals

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SSE11: Species and Food Webs

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Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference (2018: Seattle, Wash.)

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SSE11: Session Description

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6-4-2018 12:00 AM

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6-4-2018 12:00 AM

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conference proceedings; presentations (communicative events)

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Survival analysis (Biometry); Starfishes--Salish Sea (B.C. and Wash.); Pinto abalone--Salish Sea (B.C. and Wash.)

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Salish Sea (B.C. and Wash.)


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Apr 6th, 12:00 AM Apr 6th, 12:00 AM

Species and Habitats of Emerging Concern