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This report was designed to provide information that may help colleges and departments with internal planning and periodic reviews. Where possible, data was combined from two sources: a survey of the class of 1989, and a survey of 1987 seniors, nearly all of whom graduated in 1987 and 1988. By combining the two sets, the resulting sample was large enough to provide meaningful feedback to all but the smallest departments. The findings attached as part of this report have not been analyzed or interpreted. Tables and graphs displaying the appropriate data were generated, but no analysis was done nor conclusions drawn. Although the hope was to provide useful information, the findings were not meant to be used for either inter-college or inter-department comparisons. Such comparisons were never intended for these surveys and would be illegitimate short of a full analysis taking into account a wide range of student characteristics, demographics, and other such concerns. The intent was to offer each college and its departments a series of descriptive reports, loosely contextualized via descriptions of larger units. Distribution of the data in this report was threefold: 1) a summary and complete listing of the entire set of data was provided to the president and provost; 2) a summary and complete listing of all departmental data within each college was provided to each college dean; 3) a complete set of departmental data was provided to each departmental chair. Data on individual departments was distributed vertically only: each department sees their own data, but not the data on other departments. Each dean received data for his or her college and for each department within it, but not for other colleges. The Provost received data displayed for the entire university and each college, and can access both college-level and departmental-level data. Policy regarding the lateral exchange of data has been left to department chairs and college deans to decide.




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