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Executive Summary: During Winter Quarter of 1990, all college department chairs and the deans of Huxley and Fairhaven Colleges were sent a questionnaire intended to delineate admission and graduation requirements. The questionnaire was followed by a telephone or in-person interview. For the purposes of readability, all respondents are referred to as departments. The survey results showed that nineteen departments have self-generated admission requirements, whose categories are as follows: 1) overall university GPA; 2) completion of foundation courses; 3) GPA within foundation courses; 4) credit completion; 5) audition, portfolio, or resume review. Sixteen of the above nineteen departments have multiple requirements. There are three departments that both collect baseline information and use it as a comparative tool. Twenty-seven departments have capstone experiences, whose categories are as follows: 1) overview courses; 2) senior theses, project, performance, or portfolio; 3) internships or student teaching. One department's students take a state accrediting test. Six departments use two capstone experiences. Ten departments utilize standing committees to evaluate, to varying degrees, the quality or content of their programs. Fourteen departments have graduation requirements evaluated by more than one faculty member, or by outside professionals. Departments were asked about the number of courses with "substantial production of written English", defined as having at least two of the following criteria: 1) mid-term and\or final essay exam; 2) one lengthy (10+ pages) term paper or report; 3) multiple short (1-10 page) papers or reports; 4) opportunities for students to revise papers written under either item 2 or 3. The number of such courses varied widely, from 1 to 27. Evaluation of these courses was based usually on the first three criteria; generally, the opportunity to revise was reserved for courses specifically designated as writing intensive. Two departments required a senior thesis; one required a summary report of all clinical experiences. Three were two departments that required unqualified passage of the Junior Writing Exam. All others required only that the student take the Junior Writing Exam.




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