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During the Winter quarter, 1996, nearly three-quarters of the faculty (70.4%) responded to a questionnaire concerning the advisability of expanding the WWU Summer Session to constitute "year-round" operation. Generally, the faculty supports the idea, although only if the program is high-quality and fully supported, if the program operates with few temporary Summer-only faculty, and if pay for Summer Session increases. Most faculty, 71.7%, say Western "definitely" or "probably" should pursue an enlarged Summer Session, while only 16.4% oppose such a move. Support for expanding Summer Session is, however, limited by two concerns. First, only about 45% of academic year faculty (FTE) would be available during any given Summer, with faculty supply unevenly distributed across disciplines. Second, faculty opposition would severely limit the acceptable number of Summer-only temporary faculty. The policies under which Summer Session would operate are critical to faculty support for expanding it. Faculty are virtually unanimous that Summer pay should be equivalent or close to pay for the academic year, that courses of equal credit to academic-year courses should meet the same number of hours, and that departments should have full instructional support. In addition, if there were to be an expanded Summer Session, approximately 80% of the faculty say they should be allowed to teach any three quarters of their choice on a nine-month contract, that the Summer teaching load should be equivalent to the teaching load during the academic year, and that all departments should offer at least a core of classes. If all the policies desired by the faculty were put in place, 74.9% would favor an expanded Summer Session, while only 6.4% would oppose it. If, on the other hand, none of the policies were in place, only 6.4% would favor the expansion, while 65.9% would oppose it.




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