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Introduction In May, 1991, the Office of Institutional Assessment and Testing (OIAT) published a report that summarized analyses conducted to explore the relationship of the three levels of the Math Placement Test (MPT)--Basic Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, and Pre-Calculus-¬ with mathematics course selection and final mathematics course grade. Based on the MPT score, the probability of receiving a passing grade (C- or better) was computed for the majority of mathematics courses that a student may enroll in immediately after taking the MPT. Partly as a result of that report, in the fall, 1991, cut-off scores for admittance to certain mathematics courses were readjusted to more appropriately reflect the needs and abilities of students at WWU. This report will follow-up that earlier analysis in order to assay the effectiveness of those new MPT cut-off scores. Again, the probability of receiving a passing grade (C- or better) will be computed; however, unlike that first report, this year's sample will include only Native students who enrolled in the Fall of 1991. By default, these are students who have both taken the MPT and enrolled in a mathematics course since the MPT score readjustment. Students fitting the criteria produced a sample size of 822; however, a first analysis of the data revealed some irregularities. Consequently, students who had dropped out of the course were dropped from the sample. It is possible that some of the students may have been failing the course; there could just as well be any number of other reasons for dropping. Ultimately, here was no way to satisfactorily account for them; hence, all samples in this report will consist of students who completed the mathematics courses. The elimination of those students who dropped out generated a final, usable sample size of 737.




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Technical and research reports (Western Washington University. Office of Institutional Assessment and Testing) ; 1992-03






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