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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: During Winter quarter, 1996, students responded to a questionnaire concerning the expansion of Western's Summer Session to "year-round operation." They were asked how likely they were to attend Summer Session in 1996, and then how likely they would have been to attend if Western had an expanded Summer Session in place for 1996. Survey findings indicated that expanding to year-round operation would significantly increase the size of enrollments during the Summer, though Summer would remain substantially smaller than during the academic year. The increase in student demand was estimated at 1315 students, a 51% increase in Summer Session attendance. This comes on top of the estimated 5% increase without any policy change. About 15% of these students indicated they would attend Summer by take another quarter off--usually Winter. Multiplying estimated enrollments by the number of credits students would take if enrolled in an expanded Summer Session, we estimate that 41,362 Summer student credit hours would be generated under an expanded year-round program. Because some students would begin their education during Summer Session, Summer enrollments would increase further under year-round operation. We estimate that upwards of 50% of graduate students, about 30% of transfers, and about 14% of native freshmen would begin during Summer quarter if Western were to offer a full year-round program. These estimates translate 1 to about 800 students. Students indicated how much each of a set of policies would influence whether or not they decided to attend an expanded Summer Session. At least two-thirds of students reported that they would be "some" or "a lot" more likely to attend Summers in the presence of the following policies: full curriculum available in major field; tuition same as academic-year quarters; financial aid/work study available; and Summer courses listed in annual timetable of classes.




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