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In identifying and organizing its research, program evaluation, and outcomes assessment activities Western Washington University's Office of lnstitutional Assessment and Testing (OIAT) strives to obtain and generate data and information that attempts to provide answers to the following fundamental questions: 1) What do we look like as an institution and how can we improve the quality of the academic and sociocultural climate? 2) What factors contribute to general and specific changes in Western students' attitudes, knowledge, and skills? 3) How can we enrich classroom and instructional experiences to advance and promote effective learning? 4) How successful is each component of the curricular and program activities and what changes are produced from the implementation of recommended changes? and 5) What are we like as an institution and what is the effect of administrative decisions on policy, the overall academic and sociocultural climate, faculty, students, parents, alumni, boards, and agencies? Additionally, Western's assessment activities are influenced and driven by: 1) strategic action plans contained in Western's Strategic Plan adopted in February, 1992; 2) six general assessment categories identified by the Washington's Higher Education Coordinating Board; 3) recommendations from Western's academic and student services programs and committees; 4) findings and recommendations generated from previous assessment studies; and 5) recommendations and findings found in the institutional research and assessment literature in higher education. During the 1994-1995 academic year Western's Office of Institutional Assessment and Testing produced 11 technical reports, several data-based memoranda, continued to publish the "InfoFact" series of brief summaries of assessment findings, and initiated the "Focus" series, also a summary-format presentation of assessment findings but limited to one topic per issue. The "Focus" serves as a bridge between the popular "InfoFact" publication and full technical reports. Using the idea of an expanded executive summary, each issue of "Focus" presents either the salient findings found in lengthier reports, or new findings from smaller studies deserving of special notice.




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