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Section One: Returning Students INTRODUCTION At the request of the new University Librarian, Western's Office of Survey Research (OSR) and Office of Institutional Assessment and Testing (OIART) worked with the library's faculty and staff to conduct a series of surveys focusing on library resources and services. Drafts of this report were reviewed by library personnel and their comments and insights were extremely valuable. These surveys were intended to provide a base of information to help guide an in-depth assessment and planning effort aimed at improving Western's library. Indeed, "Western Washington University Libraries: Organizational Directions and Major Strategies: 1998- 2003" was published December 31, 1997, a strategic plan which utilized, among other sources of information, the findings found in this report. The library's strategic plan is available in hard copy through their main administrative offices, and on-line via the Western Libraries home page (!screens/ mainmenu.html). During Fall quarter, 1996, surveys were conducted of faculty, administration/staff, returning undergraduate and graduate students, newly-entering undergraduate and graduate students, the library faculty and staff, and community library users. Section One of this report presents the find¬ ings of one of these surveys: returning undergraduate and graduate students. Section Two presents the findings from the survey of newly-entering students. Returning students completed an extensive survey, with questions concerning their use and evaluation of library holdings, facilities and services, and recommendations for changes to the library. This report summarizes basic findings from the returning student survey. Three notes of mention are: Students responding late in Fall quarter, 1996, were reflecting on their previous experiences at Western-during Spring, 1996, for some questions, and at any time as Western students for other questions. This timing has two








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