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A PROFILE OF THE 2000 WESTERN WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY GRADUATING CLASS Prepared by Gary R. McKinney and Evelyn Albrecht INTRODUCTION AND OVERVIEW Information for this research summary was obtained from the Student Tracking System, jointly maintained by the Registrar's Office and the Office of Institutional Assessment and Testing (OIAT). The report presents in¬ formation intended to provide insights into the various characteristics of 2000 Western Washington University graduates (academic year:Fall Quarter, 1999, through Summer quarter, 2000). Western graduated 2392 in 2000, compared to 2417 in 1999, 2433 students in 1998 and 2438 in 1997. To date, the class of 1996, with 2461 graduates, has been Western's largest. For students listing their ethnicity-many opt not to-the 2000 class was comprised of 13% ethnic-minorities, about the same as in 1999 and 1998, compared to 11% in 1996. Females made up 58% of 2000 graduates, about the same as the last two years. Trans¬fers made up 52% of 2000 graduates, compared to 51% of 1999 and 1998, and 55% in 1997. For those students earning BS degrees, 40% were females, compared to the recent high of 44% in 1997. (In the last 17 years females have accounted for over 40% of the BS de¬ grees granted only one other time: 42% in 1991.) The Graduation Efficiency Index (GEI)-a formula that measures degree attainment efficiency via credits earned-was 84% for the class of 2000 overall, down from 86% for the class of 1999, but up from 82% for the class of 1998. In 2000, the GEl for natives was 87% (down from 90% in 1999) and for trans¬fers 82% (down from 84% in 1999). The overall Western grade point average for 2000 graduates was 3.12, compared 3.13 in 1999, 3.15 in 1998, 3.16 in 1997, and 3.15 in 1996.




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