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Exit survey of undergraduate students, Survey research


The Exit Survey of Undergraduate Students Completing Degrees in Summer of 2013 through Spring of 2014 is the sixth survey of graduating students conducted at Western Washington University. This survey is designed to illuminate departmental-, college-, and university-level information on student satisfaction, barriers to success, experiences in upper division courses, and post-graduation plans. The exit survey also includes questions submitted to the Office of Survey Research (OSR) by the Division of Enrollment and Student Services, Western Libraries, University Residences, the Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education, an ad hoc committee examining General University Requirements, the One World Strategic Team, and a group of questions addressing online courses. The Exit Survey consists of a mixture of open-ended, multiple-choice and numerical response questions.

This report provides descriptive statistics of the multiple choice and numerical response questions. This exit survey includes responses from undergraduates completing their degrees in summer 2013, fall 2013, winter 2014 and spring 2014. OSR initiated the Exit Survey during the fifth week of each quarter with an e-mail sent by the chair of the recipient’s major department. This e-mail requested that respondents complete the Exit Survey using a link embedded within the e-mail. A follow-up e- mail from OSR was typically sent three days later to non-respondents and then the process was repeated to non-respondent’s off-campus e-mail address about one week later. OSR then sent a reminder to internal email addresses the following week, and again to external addresses the subsequent week. Non-respondents were then contacted with phone call requests for their participation. This process ended the day before each quarter’s graduation exercises. Of the 3,010 students graduating over this time, OSR received responses from 2,178, a response rate of 72.4%.


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College graduates--Washington (State)--Statistics; College graduates--Washington (State)--Attitudes

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Technical and research reports (Western Washington University. Office of Survey Research) ; 2014-07


Descriptive Statistics Report 2014-07






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