Exit Survey of Undergraduate Students Completing Degrees in the Spring of 2010

John Krieg, Western Washington University
Beth Hartsoch, Western Washington University
Linda Clark, Western Washington University
Grant Fosheim, Western Washington University


The Exit Survey of Undergraduate Students Completing Degrees in the Spring of 2010 (Exit Survey) is the second annual survey of graduating students at Western Washington University. This survey was designed to illuminate departmental-, college-, and university-level information on student satisfaction, barriers to success, experiences in upper division courses, and post-graduation plans. This survey also includes questions submitted to the Office of Survey Research (OSR) by specific departments and campus offices. Among these are the Mathematics Department, the Math Center, the Communications Department, the College of Business and Economics, University Residences, and Western’s Office of Transportation Services. The Exit Survey consists of a mixture of open-ended, multiple-choice, and numerical response questions. This report provides descriptive statistics of the multiple choice and numerical response questions. The appendices to this report present count data on two of the open-ended questions: “In what ways has Western exceeded your expectations?” and “In what ways has Western fallen short of your expectations?” OSR initiated the Exit Survey during the week of April 18, 2010 with an e-mail sent by the chair of the recipient’s major department. This e-mail requested that respondents complete the Exit Survey using a link embedded within the e-mail. Two e-mail follow-ups from OSR were sent three days apart to non-respondents and then the process was repeated with e-mails to any students who provided Western with a legitimate off-campus e-mail address. Non-respondents were then contacted with phone call requests for their participation. This process ended the day of spring quarter graduation. Of the 1,647 WWU spring quarter graduates, OSR received valid responses from 1,090.