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Threshold concept, Kinesiology, Teaching writing


In Fall 2015, the new 5-credit KIN 306 course was created by combining old KIN 306 and 301 classes (3-credits each). This is the first course completed by all students pursuing a major in Kinesiology. Prior to Fall 2015, all Kinesiology majors completed two separate introductory 3-credit courses KIN 301 and KIN 306. The old KIN 306 course introduced students to theories of measurement and evaluation and various health and sport related aspect of fitness. The KIN 301 course, introduced the process of conducting a systematic search of research literature on health and sport related aspect of fitness and it culminated in students completing a final review paper on topic of their choice written in American Psychological Association (APA) format. I attended the Backwards by Design Workshop to gain insights on a feasible way to comprehensively integrate the content across the two courses. In addition to the challenge of restructuring this course, it was the first time I was teaching a writing course and also in the quarter system. My goal was to identify strategies to address the challenges of integrating content of old KIN 306 and KIN 301 courses, ensuring the new KIN 306 course had strong writing and discipline-based components, and also addressing feasibility of teaching and assessing this content in the time constraint of a quarter system.