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Research Question: How does student peer response and assessment impact the writing traits of college students?

Method: The study was designed to measure changes in student writing traits following a process of peer response. Ninety-one students participated in the project, each submitting two versions of a 4-6 page position paper—an initial draft and then a final version of the paper following peer review and assessment. In addition to written comments from readers, five different writing traits were rated on a scale of 1-4 for each draft: conventions, organizational structure, rhetorical style, critical assessment, and substantiation. These ratings were then compared to measure changes between the initial and final drafts. Finally, an exit survey was used to gather additional data and reaction from the participants. Efforts were taken to ensure the quality and objectivity of the reader responses through both written and oral instruction, as well as evaluative review of feedback. All authors and readers remained anonymous to one another.