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Photoresponse, Visual imagery, Enhancing student writing


Research Question: What is the effect of the Photoresponse assignment on student writing?

Method & Data Studied: We collected data from students enrolled in the HSP 302 Introduction to Human Services course during winter and spring quarters 2011. On the first day of class students were asked to respond, in writing, to the question “what inspired you to be a human service professional?” Over the course of the next four weeks, students were further asked to respond to a series of questions by taking a photograph meant to capture their answer to a question. Students then prepared a brief narrative explaining their rational. The final question students were asked to photograph was the same question asked on the first day of class, “What inspired you to be a human service professional? Photos were uploaded onto a PowerPoint presentation and students presented their photo and narrative to the class each week. At the end of the course students were given a brief survey meant to capture their feelings about this assignment and its effect on their writing. The initial in-class and final photoresponse writes were analyzed using the rubric to determine if GUR competency 1 had been met. Together we analyzed 20% of the narratives to ensure that we were rating each assignment the same. Data was then entered into SPSS to determine if any statistical correlation existed between the in-class write and photoresponse write.

Subjects - Topical (LCSH)

Photography in education; Report writing; Academic writing