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Earlier this year, the authors of this editorial submitted a paper to a major international health promotion conference and, after peer review, were accepted and invited to present. The presentation was titled ‘North-South Health Research Partnerships in an Unequal World’ and it presented findings from a qualitative study exploring the experiences of local health research stakeholders in Zambia with international health research collaborations. Because of funding constraints, Corbin (the one Northern partner from a high-income country) was the only author who was able to travel to attend the conference and present on behalf of the team. Because of revenue problems on the part of the conference organizers, they were forced to implement a policy which required that everyone listed in the program pay the ∼$300 USD registration fee (this was the discounted rate for low-income countries). The Zambian partners, lacking funds, were not able to pay even this discounted registration fee. So, while they did appear in the online link to the full text of the conference abstracts, their names were literally erased from their research in the official program.

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