Table of Contents

1 Theatre of War – Lojo Simon 2 Soldaderas in the Mexican Revolution: Prostitutes, Soldiers, and Intellectuals – Sarah L. Carle and Cecilia J. Aragón 17 Stereotyping Playwrights – Nathan Stith 31 The (In)Visible Voices: Theatrical Representations of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Kia Corthron’s Seeking the Genesis and Lisa Loomer’s Distracted – Lauren M. Kottenstette 41 Staging the Impossible: Joanna Baillie, the Gothic, and the Theatre of Cruelty -- Cecilia J. Aragón 49 Churchill, Wertenbaker and Carr Explore the Relationship Between Silence and Violence in Female Characters – Lojo Simon