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Spring 1999


Breast cancer research, Breast cancer treatment


We seek to understand and treat cancer to reduce a major source of human suffering. Cancer is a plague of our generation, one of the last incurable diseases. It is interesting to note that past generations did not generally live long enough to suffer from cancer. Infectious disease drastically limited the human life span. In recent history, western medicine has been able to control infection and life expectancy has risen dramatically. Cancer is the next hurdle. Modem research slowly gains insight with the hope of finding new ways to control cancer.

This paper provides information about the process by which cancer develops and how the disease can be treated. The paper begins with a discussion of the plausible causes for cancer. Then, explanations of how cancer works at a cellular level will help the reader think about cancer in the same framework as modem cancer researchers. Next, some of the current pursuits of cancer research are explored. In order to provide more specific information, the focus narrows to breast cancer. New discoveries and experimental pursuits are discussed. The last section of this paper explains the process a breast cancer patient might go through as breast cancer is diagnosed and treated.


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Cancer--Etiology; Cancer--Treatment; Breast--Cancer--Etiology; Breast--Cancer--Treatment


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