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Anderson, Kathryn

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Summer 2001


Documentary production, Public television documentary, Student internship


This paper, in conjunction with the internship experience it describes, comprises my senior project at Fairhaven College and for Western Washington University’s Honors Program. My self-designed degree, or “concentration, is Documentary Production. Capturing Moments, Constructing Narratives. My concentration studies taught me how to produce media at a basic level and gave me a theoretical understanding of how documentaries ideally should be produced, but I needed experience in the real world to discover how they actually are produced in a professional setting. An internship with independent producers of a public television documentary provided that opportunity. In this paper, 1 will describe the internship, what I learned about the process of producing independent documentaries, and assess the strengths and shortcomings of this process for “capturing moments and constructing narratives.”

Of course, no Fairhaven student’s experience would be complete without a self- evaluative element, so I have included a self-evaluation of my performance in my internship.

There are also three appendices. Appendix A includes some of the footage logs I created during my internship, and which serve as examples in parts of the paper. Appendix B is a brief set of impressions of the footage that I wrote for the producers, which I explain more thoroughly in the section “The Process of Producing Independent Documentaries.” My performance evaluations from the producers are in Appendix C.


Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies


Fairhaven College Concentration Committee:

Kathryn Anderson, Chair

Joyce Hammond

Dan Lamer

Western Washington University Honors Program:

Kathryn Anderson, Honors Advisor

George Mariz, Honors Program Director

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Hot potatoes (Television program); Television--Production and direction; Documentary television programs--Production and direction

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KCTS (Television station ; Seattle, Wash.)


student projects; term papers




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