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Fabiano, Patricia

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Winter 2000


Health education program, Healthy behaviors


Prevention and Wellness Services of Western Washington University houses the Performance Education troupe, “Will Act for Change,” under its’ peer health education program. The Lifestyle Advisor Program. The mission of Prevention and Wellness Services is to improve the health of students in the broadest sense—to reduce individual risk for illness and injury and to work toward the presence of well-being, dignity, and justice which may lead to the genuine health of the whole community.

“Will Act for Change” seeks to utilize this mission statement by using theatre to educate students about health and social issues. “Will Act for Change” uses the true stories of Western students to create interactive learning environments involving students in solving dilemmas relating to physical, emotional, and social health. Audience interaction, discussion, and facilitation are crucial aspects of this health education program.

In performances, “Will Act for Change” encourages individuals to make choices for themselves that incorporate positive, inclusive, and empowering change to maintain healthy behaviors and attitudes. The performances focus on the risk reduction model of prevention which does not ask individuals to abstain from engaging in certain behaviors or holding certain attitudes, but rather supports the examination of behaviors or attitudes that may cause harm to an individual or community.


Community Health

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Health education; Drama in education

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Western Washington University. Prevention and Wellness Services. Lifestyle Advisor Program


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