Senior Project Advisor

Amy Dunham

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Publication Date

Winter 2022


suicide prevention, youth, education, mental health, Girl Scouts, program design


This project is a suicide prevention and mental health awareness program created for Girl Scouts and other youth groups. Growing up as a Girl Scout in my hometown of Marysville, Washington, I have noticed there is a major lack of any sort of program within the organization focusing on mental health and suicide awareness. Children also don’t receive much information on this topic at school, if at all, and not until they’re in their late teens. Creating a program for young people involving such heavy topics is a difficult task that requires professional training. Under the advisory of Western Washington University’s suicide prevention coordinator Amy Dunham, I worked with MAD-HOPE, a youth suicide prevention organization that visits schools and presents students with knowledge and resources surrounding mental health. Their research, experience, and mentorship were an integral part of designing and revising my program. Like many others, I have personally lost several friends to suicide. There is a major gap in public education and public programs concerning mental health, and my hope is that this program will benefit the young people within my community and even beyond as I continue to expand my program to give youth the tools they need to help themselves and others.

Subjects - Topical (LCSH)

Suicide--Prevention; Instructional systems--Design; Child mental health services; Youth--Mental health services; Girl Scouts; Active learning

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Girl Scouts of the United States of America




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