Fair Folk

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Julie Dugger

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Winter 2022


Celtic, fairy tales, mythology, fiction, novelette, novella, Irish, fairies, fairy, Pagan, Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, Molly Whuppie, The Soul Cages, The King of Ireland's Son, The Little Mermaid


This is the outline for an upcoming novel centering retold Celtic fairy tales. The project includes research about fairy lore and Celtic mythology, as well as modern Irish customs surrounding cultural beliefs surrounding fairies. This story prioritizes the Pagan versions of folklore, rather than the more modern Victorian and Christian depictions of Celtic traditions and fairies.

The outline includes an introduction, short synopsis, short summaries and goals for fifty-four chapters (the full length of the novel), a list of characters, and a short reflection.


Three children, Molly, Cal, and Jack, are abducted into the fairy realm. Molly and Cal are taken in order to learn about fairy customs, as they previously were unaware of fairies and were accidentally disrespectful. Jack is taken for his excellence in sports, as fairies will occasionally abduct humans to referee or participate in fairy sports.

While in the fairy realm, the children meet a series of mythological creatures and monsters, as well as many different kinds of fairies. The children find themselves in all kinds of dangerous situations as they encounter these beings, serving as a vehicle for Celtic fairy tale retellings (the children are the main characters in each of these fairy tales). As each fairy tale resolves, another quickly unfolds. In between these fairy tale plot lines, the children and fairies play sports or visit rural Irish families, to either reward or punish those families according to how respectful or careful that family was toward fairy rules and customs.

The fairy tales themselves are carefully preserved and retold, keeping as close to the original Celtic Pagan stories as possible, while removing the more harmful or problematic aspects of the fairy tales (including ableism and domestic violence).

Included fairy tales: Molly Whuppie (Hansel and Gretel), The Soul Cages (The Little Mermaid), The King of Ireland's Son (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves) and the Tortoise and the Hare.



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Fantasy fiction; Creative writing


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