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Steven Sehman

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Winter 2022


Audio, Music, Sound, Recording, Culture, Cultural Documentation, Audio Engineering, Sound Production, Sound Design


This portfolio is a collection of projects from throughout my education at Fairhaven. Included is a variety of mediums, including audio recordings, music, creative works, interviews, and papers that reflect my Fairhaven Concentration. As such, the portfolio is organized in such a way as to reflect the three core components of my concentration - the technical, artistic, and cultural elements of audio. The technical section includes studio recordings and independent recording projects that demonstrate the skills I have developed from the ATMS program at Fairhaven. The artistic section includes samples of my own creative audio works from classes and outside of school. The Cultural section includes critical analysis papers of sound and audio technologies within and between cultures, as well as examples of how my education has prepared me for cultural documentation work (such as the CWCT Interviews from the internship I completed last quarter). Each section demonstrates skills in particular areas that will be useful in the professional audio world, and can be adapted as needed.

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Acoustical engineering; Sound recordings; Motion picture music


portfolios (groups of works); presentations (communicative events)




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