Rosia Aning

Senior Project Advisor

Babafemi Akinrinade

Document Type


Publication Date

Winter 2023


Language barriers, Immigrant communities, Limited English proficiency, Language rights, Translation services, Cultural competency, Healthcare, Education, Social exclusion, Economic disadvantage, Social mobility, Discrimination, Human rights


This research explores the challenges presented by language barriers among immigrant communities. The study focuses on the impact of limited English proficiency on different aspects of immigrant life, including education, employment, healthcare, cultural integration, and social interactions. Immigrants are individuals who have relocated to a foreign country that is not their country of origin, and they face significant challenges due to language barriers. The inability to communicate effectively with native speakers can lead to social exclusion, economic disadvantage, and restricted access to important resources and information. This project aims to shed light on these challenges and provide potential solutions to address them and highlights the numerous challenges faced by immigrants in their destination countries, including discrimination, cultural adjustments, legal and administrative challenges, and language barriers. Language barriers are considered to be one of the most significant challenges faced by immigrant communities. It hinders their ability to access quality healthcare, employment opportunities, and educational resources, leading to restricted social mobility. The project proposes several strategies that can help overcome language barriers and support immigrant communities and brings attention to the critical issue of language barriers among immigrant communities. It emphasizes the need for increased support, resources, and awareness to help immigrant communities overcome language barriers and integrate into their new communities.


Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies




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