David Nessa

Senior Project Advisor

Zander Albertson

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Publication Date

Spring 2023


Uneven Development, USA, America, Global, Marxist, Imperialism, Unequal Exchange, Interventionism


The United States has a history of utilizing liberal ideology as a justification for the appropriation of native land and resources for the enrichment of the United States. After becoming the pre-eminent superpower of the world post-WW2, the United States continued to justify intervention across the globe with liberal notions of what is good for society. David Harvey, who is a Marxist geographer, constructs the US imperial project as one that is tied up in the uneven trade of resources and thus the uneven development of these regions under the US sphere. After constructing an index measuring uneven trade and statistically testing the relationship between uneven trade and uneven development, it was found that uneven trade does contribute to the lack of wealth seen across the world. For every 1 point increase in the Uneven Trade Index, there is an associated loss of $20 Billion USD in GNI, and $20,000 USD in GNI Per Capita. US imperialism can be linked to these uneven trade relationships by analyzing the difference in power brokerage that is negotiated by the US and the respective countries’ leaders (instituted by the US or otherwise).


Environmental Studies




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