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Emily Curtis

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Project - Campus-only Access

Publication Date

Spring 2023


picture book, children's education, juvenile fiction, watercolor, bilingualism, multilingualism, Korean, Korean language, South Korea, language learning, interpersonal relationships, international, multicultural


This children’s picture book aims to teach readers about the Korean language, culture, and the country of South Korea. Further, it aims to work towards engendering healthy perspectives towards other languages and those who speak them, and to encourage children to enjoy the language learning process and persevere through the difficulties that arise. It hopes to promote multilingualism and international friendships and consciousness among its readers. The book tells the story of Lucia, an English-speaking child who travels to South Korea to meet her Korean penpal, Hayoon. While there, Hayoon promises to teach Lucia Korean, thus beginning their adventure through the city of Seoul and the Korean language and culture. They discuss language aspects such as the writing system and basic phrase structure, and cultural aspects such as traditional Korean food, clothing, and festivals. All Korean words are Romanized using the Roman (English) alphabet to be intuitive to an English speaker regardless of prior Korean exposure. The book consists of thirty-two pages and is illustrated traditionally in watercolors, with detailed images that convey the sights and details of life in Seoul and South Korea. A glossary with all Korean words and phrases as well as a page on how to read Hangeul, the Korean alphabet, are included as well. The book is created to be accessible to all English-speaking readers.






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