Shoreline: A Short Film

Senior Project Advisor

Greg Youmans

Document Type


Publication Date

Spring 2024


short film, film, creative writing, Bellingham, grief, queer grief, femininity, surrealism, magical realism, nature, fiction, screenwriting


This 35-minute short film is a fictional study of grief in a visual medium, created entirely by a team of students. It follows a grieving young artist who is stuck drawing the same beach over and over again, until the day she rescues a strange girl from drowning and then can’t seem to let her go. With the help of a concerned ex-partner, she must confront the losses that are haunting her before the weekend is over. “Shoreline” was a passion project created by a student author, actors, and crew, and was made possible through volunteer work with no financial support. The filming of the project and post-production was all achieved within the time frame of a month and a half. The story is a sensitive approach to loss, queer grief, femininity, with elements of surrealism and magical realism. The beauty of Bellingham was a driving factor for the narrative, allowing nature itself to have a characterized presence throughout the film. An unlisted version of “Shoreline” is accessible with the following link:

This is not the final version of the film, but a draft that serves as a placeholder for the fully polished cut, which can be found in the biography section of the video.






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