Attunement in the Estuary

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This year I have been engaging in the most exciting undertaking of my life so far, exploring the concept of attunement as a writer in natural environments. Over the course of the year I have sat in the branches of trees, swam through frigid waters, climbed sandstone ledges and narrow trails, all within the brief stretch of Bellingham coast that is the Chuckanut Bay Estuary.

I like to think of the writing I’m doing as part environmentalism, part adventure, part rhetorical and ontological theory. As I trek and traverse through beautiful spaces, I am developing new ideas about the nature of, well, being in nature. This starts with attunement, which has been at the center of all of my interactions with the environment. How do we open our awareness to the world around us? How do we come into contact with our surroundings, and what comes of those varying and combined points of contact?