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Fall 2003

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Masters Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Housen, Bernard Arthur

Second Advisor

Linneman, Scott

Third Advisor

Koloski, Jon W.


Ground penetrating radar (GPR) was used to investigate two landslides within the South Puget Sound region to evaluate if this technology could be used to delineate slip surface location. The internal structures of two landslides with similar stratigraphic and geographic settings in the South Puget Sound Region were evaluated using GPR. For the two landslides studied, results of prior geologic and geotechnical work identified the location and extent of each landslide slip surface. Longitudinal and latitudinal GPR transects were completed on each landslide mass to map subsurface radar reflection amplitudes (radargrams) and times. To convert radar travel times to depths, radar velocities were determined using common midpoint surveys. GPR data were compared to previously collected geotechnical data characterizing the landslide mass using known techniques. Results show a correlation between landslide slip surface location and high amplitude reflectors displayed on radargrams on a landslide mass consisting predominantly of sands and gravels providing optimum radar penetration. The GPR technique was not successful on the landslide mass with higher silt content, which resulted in a larger degree of radar wave attenuation.




Ground penetrating radar, GPR, Landslides


Western Washington University

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Landslides--Washington (State)--Puget Sound Region; Ground penetrating radar

Geographic Coverage

Puget Sound Region (Wash.)




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