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Spring 1973

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Masters Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)



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Easterbrook, Don J., 1935-

Second Advisor

Beck, Myrl E.

Third Advisor

Rahm, David A., 1931-


Establishment of late Pleistocene geomagnetic polarity events would provide useful time indices for regional and interregional stratigraphic correlations. Development of a geomagnetic polarity scale tied to radiocarbon dating for the Puget Lowland helps to elucidate the possible occurrence of world-wide (dipole) reversed events during the last 50,000 years. Stability and reliability tests indicate that late Pleistocene sediments exposed in the Puget Lowland record valid paleomagnetic directions. Puget Lowland geomagnetic polarity for the interval 11,000 years to 30,000 years BP was normal except for a short reversed period between 20,000 years and 15,000 years BP. In addition to sampling errors and magnetic remanence directional errors, variations in paleomagnetic directions over short time periods may be due to secular variation. The brief period of reversed polarity could have been due to the non-dipole field rather than the dipole field. Interregional comparison of available geomagnetic polarity results for the last 50,000 years does not establish the occurrence of a dipole reversed event. Recorded reversed paleomagnetic directions during the last 50,000 years may represent localized geomagnetic excursions. Resolution of the details of geomagnetic behavior could result in the development of regional geomagnetic time scales for the late Quaternary.




Late Pleistocene sediments, Geomagnetic polarity, Puget Lowland



Western Washington University

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Paleomagnetism--Washington (State)--Puget Lowland; Geology, Stratigraphic--Pleistocene

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Puget Lowland (Wash.)




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