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Mirror Me

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Date of Award

Spring 2018

Document Type

Masters Thesis (Campus-Only Access)

Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



First Advisor

Trueblood, Kathryn R., 1960-

Second Advisor

Guess, Carol, 1968-

Third Advisor

Metzger, Mary Janell


You grew up with her: she’s your mirror, your future, your past. She’s your sister and you hate her, and you love her. And she’s just moved in.

Faye and Zoë Ortiz have been in competition their whole lives. Things happen for Zoë; the world bends itself to her favor, and for Zoë it’s a matter of course that things just work out. Faye, one year older, grew up watching Zoë take—or, watching Zoë receive, because Zoë’s too Zen to be grasping. The only thing Faye has of her own is her acting, the passion she found in high school. The only thing is, Zoë knows how to act, too.

Mirror Me tells the story of two sisters who have mirrored each other—and fought that mirroring—all their lives. Eight years after a high school party in which Faye inadvertently enables Zoë’s rape, the sisters, for the first time, reunite. Zoë moves into Faye’s apartment and her life, taking the role in A Doll’s House that Faye covets and taking the man Faye’s been dating, too. Only when Faye meets Gina, a social worker trying to build a theatre program for delinquent teens, does another life begin to open for Faye, a life in which she might find a way to look in a mirror and see no one’s face but her own.




novel, sisters, fiction



Western Washington University

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Sisters--Family relationships--Fiction; Sibling rivalry--Fiction




masters theses




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