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Winter 2001

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Masters Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Suczek, Christopher A., 1942-2014

Second Advisor

Clark, Douglas H., 1961-

Third Advisor

Housen, Bernard Arthur


The Sumas Stade, the last of the Fraser Glaciation advances, occurred between 12,000 and 10,000 14C years B.P. This study combines previous mapping (Easterbrook, 1976; Haugerud, written communication, 1999) with three new tests to establish a chronology for events of the Sumas Stade. Comparison of compositions of pebbles from Sumas outwash using multivariate statistics such as hierarchical clustering and k-means clustering revealed three major groups of late Sumas outwash and one earlier deposit. Magnetic susceptibility and Curie temperature analysis determined a general British Columbia provenance for the Sumas outwash. Flow direction measurements substantiated this determination. Taken together, these tests support the Sumas phases proposed by Haugerud and establish Curie temperature analysis as a means to help determine provenance of glacial sediment.




Sumas Stade, Sumas outwash, Magnetic susceptibility, Curie temperature analysis


Western Washington University

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Sumas Region (Wash.); British Columbia


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