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Winter 2020

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Masters Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)



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Patrick, David L.

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Leger, Janelle

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Emory, Steven R.


Control over the size, shape, topology, orientation, and crystallographic phase of organic molecular materials is critical for a wide array of applications ranging from optoelectronics to pharmaceutical development. Herein, we demonstrate a relatively low-cost approach for fabricating single crystals with controlled sizes, shapes, microscale periodic features, preferred orientations and specific molecular packing modes. These features allow for the fabrication of intricate arrangements of single crystals for incorporation into complex device architectures, and potentially the endowment of tailored optical, electronic, thermal, and mechanical properties onto these materials. Patterning is achieved by utilizing an organic-vapor-liquid-solid (OVLS) deposition scheme paired with traditional photolithography methods. The OVLS approach involves spin coating a layer of a low vapor pressure solvent onto a substrate in order to drive up the critical nucleus size required for crystal nucleation, resulting in large grain sizes. This substrate is placed above a hot plate with the organic material to be sublimed. Our results show that millimeter-scale, ultrathin, planar organic molecular crystals can be grown on patterned substrates with rudimentary equipment (hot plate, spin coater, photoresist, photomask, UV source). We show that this technique is not only compatible with organic semiconductors, but also other organic molecular crystals such as pharmaceuticals.




Organic molecular crystals, crystal engineering, organic semiconductor, topology, photonic crystals, polymorphism


Western Washington University

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Molecular crystals--Research; Crystal growth; Semiconductor films; Organic solid state chemistry




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