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Fall 2010


This article provides an overview of a teacher education inquiry project focused on teaching in a democracy. The research was conducted by the faculty in a university educational studies/foundations department (EDST) as they engaged in a curriculum development and implementation project designed to better prepare teachers for democratic participation and teaching. In this context, ongoing curriculum examination and revision and embedded data collection and analysis are utilized as important activities in evolving a curriculum delivered to teacher education candidates.

This article includes an overview of theoretical perspectives that guide and inform teacher education efforts in this department and presents a summary of a democracy focused curricular initiative. Findings from this study of candidates’ understandings and perspectives on teaching in and for democracy are presented and discussed. Both quantitative and qualitative data were utilized to develop a picture of candidates’ current knowledge, skills and dispositions related to democratic teaching. Analysis and interpretation yielded seven research findings that illustrate the perspectives of teacher education candidates specific to: democratic ideals, orientations, experiences, challenges, pedagogical tools, competency, and schools. These findings will inform curricular, instructional, and programmatic adaptations.

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Education in a Democracy: The Journal of the NNER



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