Exclusionary discipline, disproportionality, discipline, suspension, school-to-prison pipeline, African-American

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There are a host of variables that affect the disciplinary outcomes of African-American students, for example, poverty rates and students with special needs. The variables of interest here are African-American teachers and/or teachers who have identified themselves on record as African-American and gender of those same race teachers. Race and gender impact both how students are instructed and disciplined. It is the intention of this paper to contribute to the empirical scholarship on the impact teacher race has on the education of Black students in New Jersey Public Schools. More specifically, this paper will investigate the relationship between Black public school teachers and Black public school students who’ve received a suspension as a disciplinary consequence in New Jersey public schools. A possible relationship between African-American teachers and suspension referrals of African-American students can provide educational practitioners with insight for the necessity of hiring more African American teachers to meet the various challenges of school districts as it relates to the relationship between the growing number of students of color and a primarily White teaching workforce.



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Teacher-student relationships--New Jersey; School discipline--New Jersey; Teachers--New Jersey; African American students--New Jersey; Student suspension--New Jersey; Public schools--New Jersey; African American teachers--New Jersey

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